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Package Ideas

Looking to get started developing packages for the Nova community? Here are some suggestions for you to choose from.

How does this work?

These package ideas can be added on GitHub by adding the package-idea label to any issue. Anyone can "claim" an idea by adding the challenge-accepted label and leaving a comment "staking" your claim; it doesn't give you magical rights to it, but it is a signal that you intend to work on it so two people don't accidentally both work on the same package idea.

Launch your package? Put a link in a comment so the original author (or someone from Tighten) can close the issue.

Un-claimed ideas

Nova Date Filter Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that adds created_at date filtering capabilities to nova resource index pages.
Nova Breadcrumb Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that provides a breadcrumb UI for the following routes index Home > Users create Home > Users > New detail Home > Users > $title edit Home > Users > $title >...
Nova Quick Create Package (suggested by dillingham)
A package that dynamically creates a dropdown menu [ + ] and allow users to quickly jump right into making a new resource of that type. Maybe add $quickCreate = false to the resource
Nova Select or Create Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that adds ability to select or create new and associate it as the BelongsTo value. Likely with a pop up modal to provide access to all fields. Because the forms are populated via a...
Nova Relationship Sum Field Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that provides sum aggregate column for index views. Assuming a order / order items scenario, the order index would have a "$40" column provided a Sum::make('App\OrderItem')...
Nova Relationship Count Field Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that provide count aggregate column for index view. Assuming a user / post scenario, the users index would have a "11 Posts" column provided a Count::make('App\Post'); with...
Nova Create Child Relationship Package (suggested by julianpoma)
The idea of this package is to let you create a new resource and many "child dependent" ones, on a single action. For example, we may have an Invoice that consists on many Invoice ...
Nova Logged In User Map Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that displays a google map of currently logged in users. Would need to convert ip to latitude and longitude, store on the user model, listen for login and logout events, use google m...
Nova Search & Replace Action Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that provides a bulk search and replace action. Would loop over $this->fields() to populate a select box for which column to search, a text field for the sought after value and a ...
Nova Welcome Screen Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that allows you to add a welcome screen to the main dashboard that fades out after x seconds
Nova Repeater Blocks (suggested by crumb1e)
A package that lets you add a new field on the create/edit page, and allows you to choose from a range of field types.
Error Page Viewer (suggested by davidpiesse)
For when you want easy access to all your pages/responses when you hit a 404/500/503 etc.
Gutenberg Editor (suggested by davidpiesse)
Port the new WordPress Block Editor to Nova to replace Trix
XML Sitemap Generator (suggested by davidpiesse)
Could use the Spatie package for the backend
Nova Field: HasManyThrough (suggested by julianpoma)
Add suport for HasManyThrough relationships in Nova. Referencing to the example in the Laravel Docs, the idea is to be ab...
Nova Global Search Page Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package for full page, filterable, instantsearch experience for nova that works with agolia and database original idea / conversation
Nova Action Index Field Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package to add a link that triggers a resource action on a specific row of a resource's index view. ID Name Activate 1 Brian Activate 2 Sarah Activate Maybe add some method chai...
Nova Auto Event Notifications Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that utilizes laravel’s core notification functionality to automatically trigger notifications with basic default messages and allow nova resource classes to enable channels and co...
Nova Notification Dropdown Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package idea: bell notification dropdown for the top navigation bar on the right side. Could include options for selecting which resources, what to display, and authorizing which resource ev...
Nova Creation Chain Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package to chain the creation of related resources. If you need a new user and a new account sequencially, the user resource would have a defined “thenCreate” property of “App/Account...
Nova Resource PDF Package (suggested by dillingham)
A package that allows an individual resource page to be downloaded as a pdf. Particularly useful for orders and invoices. I imagine maybe some view folder structure for pdf/resource that use...
Nova Support Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that adds a help icon to the bottom right of every page and provides a contact form when clicked. Collects ip, logged in user id, their email and current url discretely upon form mes...
Nova Duplicate Model Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that adds a duplicate icon on a index row that duplicates the current model Useful in some edge cases where a user wants to use most of the information but edit some. I image it need...
Nova Comment Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that adds a comment "resource tool" to detail pages Any resource marked $commentable = true would have the comments
Smarter TextArea field (suggested by vootrunner)
A package that acts as a normal textarea field but displays contents on the detail screen with an optional threshold for either the number of lines or characters to display before showing th...

Claimed but not completed ideas

Nova Mixcloud Field (suggested by nkootstra)
Just like the YouTube Field I want to create a Field for Mixcloud with a small preview on the index. Will start developing it this friday :)
Nova Email Action Package (suggested by dillingham)
Package that provides a bulk email action, allowing admins an actions field dialogue to provide subject line and body for an email to a filtered and selected group of users . I imagine mark ...
Nova Import Manager (suggested by dillingham)
A package that allows each resource to provide settings for importing csv files. I imagine some chunking, queue jobs, progress % ui, row validation, event firing for import callbacks and suc...
Passport API Generator (suggested by ibourgeois)
A Nova package that can use Resources to generate an API with Passport. Should include a Tool for global management Should include a Resource Tool to enable and configure API settings per R...
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