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Looking to get started developing packages for the Nova community? Here are some suggestions for you to choose from.

How does this work?

These package ideas can be added on GitHub by adding the package-idea label to any issue. Anyone can "claim" an idea by leaving a comment "staking" your claim (and then the author or someone at Tighten will add the challenge-accepted label); it doesn't give you magical rights to it, but it is a signal that you intend to work on it so two people don't accidentally both work on the same package idea.

Launch your package? Put a link in a comment so the original author (or someone from Tighten) can close the issue.

Un-claimed ideas

Gutenberg Editor
Suggested by davidpiesse
Port the new WordPress Block Editor to Nova to replace Trix
❤️ 18
Quick look option for resources
Suggested by LorenzoSapora
I envision this being most useful for quick-look for user profiles, but obviously could be applied to any/all resources. Button could be placed next to view/edit/delete (although iconography...
👍 3
Sort by computed field
Suggested by thiskbj
Package idea: I'd love to be able to sort by computed field. Right now I'm just adding the field as a regular field, and periodically double-checking it (ew :). Anyone have a smarter idea?
👍 3

Claimed but not completed ideas

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